The world’s biggest unmanned dump trucks connect to the 5G network

The world’s biggest unmanned dump trucks connect to the 5G network

BELAZ unmanned dump trucks, which are among the biggest in the world, have begun working at a test site in the town of Zhodino in Belarus using 5G. The test zone has been created by infrastructure operator beCloud, BELAZ and VIST Group (part of ZYFRA Group).

A test autonomous network using fifth generation technologies, working in conjunction with the LTE-Advanced Pro network, has been deployed at the BELAZ plant. This is a prototype of the future 5G network.

Sets of equipment that meet the technical specifications of the 5G standard have being installed on two heavy trucks — a pit truck and a loader. The standard technologies used (New Radio and LTE-Advanced Pro) have enabled VIST Group technicians to test unmanned vehicle control, as well as the operation of dump trucks in robot mode (the Smart Quarry project).

For autonomous vehicles, a system that scans and analyses the nuances of the geological situation should transmit information with a minimal delay time. The beCloud specialists have now managed to reduсe the response time of the equipment to 10-11 ms (milliseconds), which is less than the achieved in the 4G network but more than expected in future 5G networks. beCloud experts are continuing to fine-tune the equipment and optimize communication channels to achieve the best performance.

Testing of fifth generation technology will assess its capabilities for effective application in the field of engineering and unmanned vehicles. The plan is to create a technological solution that operates successfully on an industrial scale.

The BELAZ robotic dump trucks are the key element of the Intelligent Mine complex, which is being implemented by the VIST Group at enterprises in the mining industry. The project involves unmanned robotic dump trucks, cargo transport and high-precision satellite navigation technologies. This is a set of digital technologies for the management of open-pit production processes based on robotic loading and transport systems, as well as industry solutions in the fields of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

The minimal presence of people at the mining site boosts the efficiency and safety of the operations, including in remote regions, and helps to compensate for the shortage of qualified personnel. The project also aims to reduce fuel and operating costs.

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VIST Group is an industry leader in the development and implementation of information technologies for digital mining, metal and other enterprises. In strategic partnership with Finnish-Russian ZYFRA Group, the company is also developing Artiificial Intelligence and ndustrial Internet of Things based solutions for heavy industries. It currently has operations in Kazakhstan, Russia, Morocco, South Africa, Indonesia, Mongolia, Iran, Vietnam, Chile and Peru.