Launch of the new “Za Rulem” Grand Prix Commercial Vehicles Award. Meeting of the award organizers with the Association of European Businesses


On April, 19, the members of the Commercial Transport Committee of the Association of European Businesses (AEB), the representatives of the “Za Rulem” publishing house and the organizers of COMTRANS 2021 had a business breakfast to discuss all details of the new “Za Rulem Grand Prix Award for Commercial Vehicles” – a new award for automotive professionals. The Grand Prix Ceremony will take place at the 16th COMTRANS 2021 International Commercial Vehicle Show on September 7 in Moscow.

The meeting, in particular, was attended by, Chairman of the AEB Commercial Transport Committee Jan Eichinger, the editor in chief of “Za Rulem”, Russia’s oldest magazine for cars and trucks founded in 1928, Maxim Kadakov and the editor in chief of the Russian “Reys” magazine for commercial vehicles Dmitry Potseluevsky.

The parties agreed that the Russian market for commercial vehicles has been waiting for an independent and professional award for a long time. An award, whose nominees would be selected by a wide variety of experienced managers and experts, specialized in commercial vehicle operations in companies and organizations – e. g. fleet owners and operators, corporate rolling stock and operating organizations.

There will be seven Grand Prix nominations:

  • Light trucks
  • Medium trucks
  • Heavy trucks
  • Small and medium class buses
  • Large buses
  • Trailers and semi-trailers
  • Special vehicles

The “Za Rulem” Grand Prix Award Ceremony on September 7, the opening day of the COMTRANS 2021 vehicle show, will advance to a key event for the entire automotive community in Russia due to the experience and communication know-how of the “Za Rulem” publishing house and the professional and unbiased approach to determining the winners.