Rules for stand developers

As the Organizer of the Exhibition Event, ITE MF Expo LLC attaches great importance to the safety of the exhibition, which we organize in the conditions of the continued risk of the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). In this regard, we ask the developers of the stands to comply with the rules of the developer of exhibition events in the face of new safety standards.


  • You need to carry personal protective equipment of the respiratory organs (masks, respirators) and hands (gloves) during installation/demolition work, as the entrance to the exhibition without masks and gloves will be prohibited
  • You should have a supply of skin antiseptics to handle hands and personal protective equipment (masks, respirators) and gloves for yourself and your employees, as they need to be changed based on the duration of the work shift (at least once every 3 hours). In the event of a lack of personal protective equipment, damage, or loss, it will be possible for participants, visitors of the event to purchase personal ventilators (masks, respirators), gloves in front of the entrances to the exhibition area


  • It is important to design an exhibition stand, considering all health measures. For example, keeping the minimum number of staff at the stand, reducing the number of materials on the stand, reducing the range of products for demonstration, etc.
  • It is necessary to provide during the construction of the stand placement (at the information pillar) place of treatment of hands with skin antiseptics, including with the help of installed dispensers or wet wipes
  • It is recommended to use a modular stand to avoid increasing the number of risks in its construction
  • Designing the stand is necessary in such a way that a minimum number of workers are involved in the construction of the stand. For example: You can use different markings, floor markings and ribbons to control physical distance
  • It is recommended that the placement of the party's exhibits be reviewed according to the size of the stand and/or physical conditions. For example, clever branding on the walls of the stand facing visitors' aisles will attract the right visitors to the stand and reduce the excessive crowds
  • The areas at the stand, where visitors are greeted, should be designed in accordance with the norms of social distancing (at least 1.5 m)
  • To minimize physical contact, the materials for the stand should be entered into the site in parts, not at once, and hand tools should not be transferred to each other by workers
  • It is recommended to provide in the project stand information rack with a screen of plexiglass to protect participants who will be the first to welcome visitors to the stand
  • It is necessary to provide in the project stand the use of physical dividers in areas where participants plan to hold face-to-face meetings with customers or team
  • It is recommended that the screens be placed on the walls of the stand for a virtual demonstration of several products instead of displaying products from the entire range
  • When designing the stand should provide for the routing of visitors stands and the arrangement of tables, racks, tables on the stands, considering the observance of the distance (at least 1.5 meters), as well as provide separate entrances and exits to the stand with the installation of appropriate signs and restrictive tapes
  • The number of participants, visitors and other categories of persons at the same time on the stand, their placement/seating is calculated considering the standards of distancing (at least 1.5 meters)
  • It is necessary to provide at the stand (at entrances/exits and other places of possible congestion of visitors) places of treatment of hands with skin antiseptics, including, with the help of installed dispensers or wet wipes
  • It is recommended that the booth be designed so that participants can control the density of visitors and staff. This will help participants determine the maximum number of people (employees and visitors) that they could safely place on their booth, given its size. If necessary, specify the ways of entering and exiting visitors at the stand


  • Developers are responsible for sanitary measures at the stands where they work. Therefore, the first thing you are obliged to do is to install hand sanitizers near the information pillars on the stands, which can be easily used by your employees
  • You may need to make sure that your employees at your booth are using them correctly
  • Organize disinfection with multiple treatment every 2 hours of all contact surfaces on the stand: door handles, handrails of stairs, railings, table surfaces, storefronts, racks, tools, etc.
  • Before the delivery of the finished stand, it is necessary to carry out a wet cleaning of the staff's places of residence and common areas on the stand using virucidal disinfectants, which can be used in due course.
  • Organize at the stand a collection of used masks (respirators) and gloves of your staff in plastic bags with subsequent disposal as TBT
  • Organize your staff by posting textual, visual information on the need to comply with measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus at the entrance to the booth


  • You are obliged to provide personal protective equipment for the respiratory organs (masks, respirators) and hands (gloves) to all employees of your company involved in the installation/demolition of the stand, as well as to monitor the correctness of their use and timely replacement
  • You should make sure that these protections meet the required standards and are kept in hygienic conditions
  • It is necessary to use protective shields for the face in the construction of stands by employees, as well as to pay attention to the following rules of their operation:
    1. Hands must be washed before putting on and removing the protective flap.
    2. Facial flaps need to be changed every day and disinfected before use.
    3. If they can be washed, the protective shields should be washed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
    4. One facial flap should only be used by one person.


  • Compliance with social distancing rules is the most important measure to control the spread of COVID-19. Ensure social distance of employees (at least 1.5 meters) during installation/demolition work, considering the safety requirements of the work
  • Consider using any safe zones outside the exhibition for breaks
  • For your own employees, consider ordering pre-packaged meals/snacks to avoid having to go to food outlets. It is necessary to ban food in the workplace. Food intake should be carried out in a designated location for staff on a predetermined schedule, considering compliance with a distance of at least 1.5 meters
  • Make sure you instruct the team, including your subcontractors, on all the measures the Organizer applies before you arrive at the exhibition
  • Instruct the team on all the measures you choose to take before they go to the site. Share your plans on how to reduce risks in advance to make them feel comfortable
  • Your staff should also be instructed on security measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, including the use of disinfectants
  • One officer in charge of compliance with monitoring measures, including the use of personal respiratory protection (masks, respirators) and hands (gloves) during installation/demolition work, should be appointed.
  • Every day, before admission to the venue, the body temperature of the workers involved in the preparation of the event is monitored, with mandatory suspension from the workplace of persons with elevated body temperature and/or signs of infectious disease

Remember: Your responsibility and organization are the key to your health and the health of others, also negates the risk of being held accountable for violations of sanitary and epidemiological rules provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.