International Commercial Vehicle Auto Show 2-7 September 2019/ 2 September Press Day Moscow, Crocus Expo

At «Comtrans 2017» exhibition «Shadrinsk Autoaggregate Plant» and «Orenburg Radiator» will present an updated line of heat exchangers for leading Russian automakers .

«Shadrinsk Autoaggregate Plant» and «Orenburg Radiator» will take part in the International exhibition "Сomtrans 2017" that takes place in the IEC Crocus Expo in September. Among new products that would be presented at the united stand of machine-building enterprises of UMMC you can see cooling packages, water radiators and oil coolers, charge air coolers (CAC), heaters, preheaters, jack of various lifting capacity and electromotors.

In close connection with automakers.

In modern auto industry the cooling system demand is going up not only at the expense of engine’s increasing power-to-weight ratio but also due to automobile comfort enhancement. Trucks are equipped with air conditioning and climate control systems and due to that new heat exchanger modifications are appearing. For example, cooling package developed by JSC SHAAZ for freight  truck KAMAZ-5490. It consists of water radiator and CAC, made by NOCOLOK technology, and it also includes conditioner heat exchanger, expansion tank and piping system.   

In creating new products, SHAAZ designers are guided by customer’s requests. One of the topical requirements -  automobile underbonnet space economy. For a new KAMAZ cabin SHAAZ has developed cooling package 5308A. The width of installed radiator is 70 mm only instead of standard 100 mm. Core dimensions remain the same while depth and volume of the tank are decreased. By this means all required thermal characteristics remained the same while decreasing metal consumption and therefore product’s cost.     

Another example of effective cooperation with automakers is 525667A radiator for  «LiAZ» bus. The difference from standard models is that the new radiator is placed inside the carcass on the rubber supports which reduces the impact of vibration and shock load on the heat exchanger and prolongs its service life.

In 529260А cooling package developed for Likino Bus Plant besides water radiator and  CAC,  oil cooler produced by “bar” technology is installed.  Due to design looks like a layer-cake made with aluminum bars, cooling fins, turbulizers and separating plates, the heat exchanger withstands a pressure of more than 30 atmospheres, which makes its usage particularly effective on various types of special vehicle.    

The cooperation with GAZ Group extends to the whole line of automotive and bus equipment of group company. At «Comtrans 2017» exhibition JSC SHAAZ will present some aluminum and copper-brass radiators and CACs for automotive equipment “Next”. «Orenburg radiator» will present a new heat exchanger for «GAZ Valday», produced usingSplitter Fin technology. To compare with traditional strip technology the new radiator has a significantly larger cooling surface.

Not only radiators …

In addition to radiators Shadrinsk Autoaggregate Plant produces a wide range of independent heaters and liquid preheaters.

New developments are PZD12D preheater for «Ural» truck and PZD14 for «KAMAZ». In new design control unit is located on the boiler of the heater, which makes it more compact and simplifies its installation.

The new OZD30 heater is designed for usage in buses and other types of vehicles. Five modifications of OZD30 are developed by ShAAZ for buses LiAZ, PAZ, KAVZ, for K-744 tractor by St. Petersburg Tractor Plant as well as for locomotives, modernized by SHAAZ.

A noticeable place at SHAAZ exposition will be occupied by a heat exchanger with dimensions of 1364х1508х90 mm. This giant is intended for the generator set produced by American company Generac Power Systems. Currently SHAAZ supplies to the USA more than 20 modifications of heat exchangers and cooling packages for generators with different types of engines. The largest cooling package has the following dimensions: 2348x1930x377 mm.

UMMC machine-building enterprises develop dynamically in market segments that were not occupied yet. So, Orenburg radiator will present a heat exchanger for a self-propelled pontoon. The radiator is manufactured by «Plate&Bar» technology  using non-corrosive fluxes. The advantages of these types of heat exchangers are the ability to create various designs of heat exchangers on the same type of element base, maximum usage of cooling capacity and increased structural strength, which makes it possible to use it on motor set of any vehicle operating under high vibration loads.

See you at the exhibition...

During  "Comtrans 2017" from 4 to 6 September General director of JSC "SHAAZ" and LLC "Orenburg radiator", executive director of LLC "Orenburg radiator" and the commercial director of JSC SHAAZ will hold a number of scheduled business meetings.

Guests of the exhibition stand will be able to get acquainted with new products of the plants, technological features of the production and get expert advice from specialists.

We will be glad to see at the stand of JSC "SHAAZ" and LLC "Orenburg radiator" (IEC "Crocus Expo" Pavilion 3, Hall No. 15, Stand No. 15-280) managers and specialists of automakers, representatives of service centers, including potential sales representatives in the regions, as well as all suppliers and consumers of our products.